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MTB3D was founded in 2013 and is active in the business of everything 3D printing-related. Founded by Arjan van Unen and Ewoud van Munster. Both were interested in the endless possibilities of 3D printing.
MTB3D has expanded its experience in 3D-related services such as: 3D scanning, 3D modelling, post processing techniques and more.
MTB3D helps you to understand how 3D printing can be implemented in your production.

The main focus of MTB3D is handling printing requests. We produce everything from high-end engineering for scientific research to cookie cutter projects for individuals. Everything is possible due to the versitility of 3D printing!

Besides printing requests, we help refine your product with our expertise in 3D printing. We use this capability to optimise your design and manufacturing process. We can advise you in material choice, orientation, post processing techniques and more. An example would be the suggestion to use metal inserts at locations where normal screws wouldn’t hold in the 3D printed plastic or the use of cheaper/enhanced printing techniques suitable for your project. We can suggest modifications to your design to optimise the product and make it more suitable for 3D printing. We can do so since we have a lot of experience in design for 3D printing.

We can also advise you on other production methods. Our team are Masters of Science/Mechanical engineers and have a broad knowledge about production methods. We also have experience with moulds and positive/negatives; including tolerances, best material choices and post processing techniques that are most suitable for 3D printed moulds. This can be 3D printing in wax, making a mould from high-temperature-resistant thermoset material's or printing counter moulds.

Whatever your request is, we can supply a fitting 3D printing service to your requirements.

Next to 3D printing we also offer 3D scanning, of persons and objects. Most of the time, this is done to make a replica in 3D. Examples include a bust, replica of a statue or components of a lost/broken part of a mechanism or antiques.

Next to a good printing service, we also offer a lot of extra’s. You can order a time-lapse of your 3D print, post-processing, assembly, smoothening/painting and lots of additional services. Contact us to hear the possibilities.

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