3D printing service Costs

3D printing FDM;
Minimal order amount: €30,-
Printcosts: starting €1,20 per hour plus material costs from 0.03/gram

3D printen SLA:
Minimal order amount: €35,-
Printing costs: starting € 2.10 per hour plus material costs from 0.38/ml


3D consultancy€78,65 / hour (€65,- excl vat)
3D Modellelling€72,60 / hour (€60,- excl vat)
3D printer repair€72,60 / hour (€60,- excl vat)
Post Processing€66,55 / hour (€55,- excl vat)

Time lapse film of your 3D print; € 20, – (only for FDM)
Finishing the product; sanding, polishing, painting and smoothening. Price on request.

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3D scanning

3D scanning
€72,60 (€60,- excl vat) per scan with the Sense 3D scanner
€121,- (€100,- excl vat) per scan with the Einscan Pro 3D scanner

3D printer rental

24 hour2 days5 days1 week2 weeks1 monthlonger
Form 2€80,- €100,- €160,- €180,- €240,- €320,-On request
Ultimaker 2+ €60,- €75,-€120,-€130,-€180,- €240,- On request
Prusa MK3S €55,- €70,-€110,-€120,-€165,- €220,- On request
Prusa Mini€50,-€60,-€100,-€110,-€150,-€200,-On request
Creality* €50,- €60,-€100,-€110,-€150,- €200.-On request
Filament€23,95 / kg
Resin€165,- /L

*for renting a creality Cr10-s5 it is necessary to have some knowledge about 3D printers since these printers are less user-friendly.

** prices are an indication only; all rights are reserved.

Click here for more information about renting a 3D printer

Click here for more information about renting a 3D printer


PostNL, normal parcel; €6.95
PostNL, letterbox parcel; €4.95

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Prices include 21% VAT.

Delivery costs/meeting on location

If we deliver a 3D object to your location, or to make an appointment to make a 3D scan of an object. For this we charge a call-out charge, €2,50 incl tax per kilometer single trip. The fastest route on google maps.

Price Overview

Design: € 36.40
Printing FDM 2st: € 20.90
Total for 2pcs: € 57.30 Incl. VAT

16 3D geprinte speldjes met logo

Design: € 72.75
Printing SLA 20st: € 53.95
Post-Processing, painting: € 40,-
Total voor 20pcs: € 166.70 incl VAT

3D-scanning: € 60,-
printing FDM PLA; € 85,-
Total : € 145,- incl. VAT

Scanning: € 60,-
printing FDM PLA: € 192,-
Total: € 252,- incl. VAT

3D geprinte mallen voor chocoladereppen

Printing FLEX SLA 3 objects

Total 3 obj. : € 295,- incl. VAT

Printing 150 puzzles (300 objecten)

Total: € 1350,- (€ 9,-/pcs) incl. VAT