In this page you can find answers to the most commen ask questions.


What does is cost?
You can find our prices on our price page, for 3D printing, modeling, and 3D scanning. for print ready parts you van visit our webshop
What is the delivery time?
Often we can start your print request within a few hours after your request. If the prints are finished you can pick them up right away, or if your print is finished before 4 pm we can ship it the same day, so it arrives one day later.
How can i pay?
You can pay with cash or debit card, when picking up the 3Dprinted parts. when shipping the parts out, you can transfer the amount before shipping, or if it’s for businesses, we’ll send an invoice.
What area do you supply?
our office is located in Delft, The Netherlands. We can ship your product world wide.

3D printing

Spoiler title
For sure! For our FDM printers is’s possible for €25,-. we won’t make time-lapses for sla printing machines, because of the buildplate moves up and down, the timelapses wont be clear.
In what kind of materials can you print?
on our FDM machines we can print standard: PLA/PETG/Flex/Polycarbonate(PC)/Nylon(PA)/Carbon/copperfill/bronzefill/PVA/Woodfill. However, if you’d like to print in different materials, we can order them, like Delrin, Ultem or POM. On our SLA printers we can print standard/clear/durable/tough/dental/flexible/castable. for most materials, if needed, we can deliver a datasheet.
Can we order larger amounts?
For sure! For a large batch it’s financially more convenient to consider innjection-molding. although, if the prints differ in shape or color, is 3D printing the best producing methode. We handle large batches very well, and love to adjust the proces to your ideas.
can you print in multi-color?
our FDM printers can print 2 colors/materials at the same time. If you need multiple colors, the model can sometimes be split into several parts, which can be glued together later.
Who is your material supplier?
We have a good cooperation with

3D scanning

Can you make 3D scans?
Yes! We have a Sense 3D scanner, with which we can easily scan objects and people. Please note that the object must meet some criteria before it can be scanned properly, please contact us for more information.

Submitting Files

What type of file do i submit?
The most common format is .STL. Any 3D software can export to this file format and is usable. The formats .OBJ and .3mf are also common. In addition, we can handle multiple 3D CAD programs and often convert to the correct file format.
Where can i find free 3D models?
There are several larger free databases with 3D files online. The largest database for 3D printable files is currently:

Business assignments

Can we order on invoice?
Hell yes! This is no problem for us. We can start printing after email or telephone contact. The invoice will then be sent after printing.
You can treat our files confidentially?
If you have a file that should be treated confidentially, this is not a problem. We treat your files carefully, and if desired a confidentiality statement can also be discussed.