MTB3D is in the 3D printing business since 2013. Founded by Arjan van Unen and Ewoud van Munster. They both have a large affection with 3D printing. MTB3D currently has a lot of expereince with everything 3D printing related.
MTB3D has experience with: designing 3D printers and 3D pencils, modifing and repairing 3D printers, using over 10 different brands of 3D printers, using multiple 3D scanners, reverse engineering, 3D modelling, and much more.

MTB3D use to have it’s own filament brand, this part is taken over by another website, and sold under a diffeerent name: Hot Orange: MTB3D focusses only on the 3D printing process, and not the sales of 3D printers/filament or scanners.

MTB3D already has lots of experience with 3D print jobs. From high end engineering prototypes to cookie cutters, everything is possible. Besides 3D printing we also have a background in Mechanical engineering and we always help to achieve the best possible result for your specific goal. In this way we don’t only 3D print your object, but also make sure it will function the way it was designed for. Examples are the print orientation, the support placement, the post processing, fittings, clearances, inserts and much more. We also have experience with moulds, casting from 3D prints. If you want something 3D printed you have come to the right place with MTB3D.

We also offer a 3D scanning service. We can scann persons or objects to 3D print. For example a buste of a person as present or memorial, but also a replica of a broken part of a mechanism!

Besides a good 3Dprinting service and scann service, we offer a lot of extra’s. For example a Time-Lapse movie of your 3D print, post processing of your part in different ways like sanding/polishing/bonding togheter, acetone smoothing, painting and much more.

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