When can you use a 3D scanner?

There are many reasons why you would want an object to be 3D scanned. Most of the time, there is a solid object, which you might need a 3D model of. Keep in mind that a 3D scan is an approximation of the real object, not all details might be visible.

Scanning and remodeling objects because;

  • The part which you are scanning can’t be bought anymore.
  • A separate piece isn’t sold per piece.
  • many more reasons.

What 3D scanners does MTB3D have?

We have a Sense+ 3D scanner, and an Einscan Pro 3D scanner. De Sense 3D scanner is suited to make a quick scan of bigger objects like a person’s head, or statue. The Einscan 3D scanner is way more accurate, and is perfect for scanning smaller more complicate and intricate details. Like technical components for cars and that need to fit tightly.


The prices contain the scanning costs and will be calculated per object, and the scanner we use. We can come to you for making a scan. We’ll charge call-out charges.

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