Implementing 3D printing in your organization

3D printing has a lot of potential to be used in small and big companies. But how do you know if 3D printing is worth the while to invest on in your company.

MTB3D is happy to help you figuring out what the possibilities are of implementing 3D printing in your company. Together we can look at chances where 3D scanning, 3D Modeling and 3D printing might be a solution

We can help on 3 standard ways in your company.

Together we’ll discuss what opportunities lay on your path for 3D printing.
We can look at some chances 3D printing might give your company a boost. We’ll look at the at the usual way of operating. We’ll discuss your own ideas, and provide information about the possibilities of 3Dprinting, so you’ll know whether 3Dprinting can improve your company or not.

MTB3D can provide lectures and demos for you and your colleges.
To keep you and your colleges fully up to date, on the 3D printing sector. We can create specific themed workshops and presentations, that are relative to your work area. Here we can show you proven methods and techniques, and all your questions we have an answer for. We can inform you about the latest producing technologies.

MTB3D can within your company provide a test case.
To determine what the added value of 3D printing is, we can setup a test case which will point out how 3D printing can be used within your organization. With the test we can show you how easy it is to implement 3D printing in your company. En for what it can be used. This can be for rapid prototyping, but also for making working molds, finished products and models of buildings. There are many more applications where 3D printing is the solution. Also, we can include 3D scanning and modeling as some possibilities.

Beyond these options we naturally can make a bespoke case, please contact us for more information.

3D printing general

Besides implementing 3D printing in your company, our 3D printing specialists can share knowledge in wider settings, think of;

  • workshops with 3D printing/3D designing
  • Stands where our specialists are present
  • Open days where we explain what 3D printing is and contains
  • Festival stands where we 3D print and scan people.

We love to think with you, and we are flexible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help you with our expertise and knowledge about 3D printing.

If you’re interested what MTB3D can do for you, please contact us via the button below.

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